After School Care at Te Matauru Primary

We are really pleased to announce that we are partnering with Busy Bumbles to provide before and after school care at Te Matauru Primary. We invited applications from a wide range of providers before consulting with our community on what they viewed as most important for after school care provision. Many of the companies fulfilled our criteria and in weighing up our final decision we felt that Busy Bumbles offered a point of difference to after school care for our school and for the area.

Busy Bumbles is an award winning provider who we believe will quickly become a popular feature of our school community.

To find out more about Busy bumbles, please go to

To register your child for Busy Bumbles, please go to

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

We have a dedicated section on our website to answer frequently asked questions.

As we have started taking enrolments over the last month or so, a number of questions have emerged which may have only been asked by a few people, but which we feel there may be wider interest in.

In this month’s blog post I have listed some of these questions along with our current response. Note these can change as school plans are firmed up!

Q: What is the starting roll for the school?

A: Based on demographics of other recently opened primary schools in Canterbury, our best prediction is a starting roll of about 100 pupils. It is hard to predict with any more certainty as the Rangiora context is quite different from other recent new school builds. As enrolments are confirmed with interested families we can have a more accurate picture of our opening day roll.

Q: We are in zone. When should we enrol?

A: If you plan to come to Te Matauru Primary in 2020 please enrol as soon as possible. This gives certainty to your child’s current school and to us, and most importantly to your family. It also allows both schools to work collaboratively on a successful transition plan.

Q: We are not in zone. How can I be put on a waiting list for places?

A: We will not be accepting out of zone enrolments in 2020 as per Ministry of Education direction. Because of this the board have not established a waiting list or process for managing for out of zone enrolment requests. Should this situation change we will advertise this at the appropriate time, but we are not currently taking names or offering places.

Q: Who are the school staff?

A: Profiles of our leadership team are available on our website. We are announcing other appointments as they are made through our Facebook page. We will update our website with details as soon as staff start with us.

Q: Will the school open on time?

A: Yes. The Southbase team are on schedule with their build programme, and we will be ready to go for our first day, Friday 7 February 2020!


2018 Full Annual Financial report

Under the Education Act 1989 state and state integrated school boards must ensure that their annual report are available to the public on an internet site.

Te Matauru Primary’s financial report for 2018 is available here.

If you have any queries regarding these reports please contact our School Principal.

The Te Matauru Logo

The Te Matauru Logo

Earlier this year we collaborated with School Brand Matters to develop a logo for Te Matauru Primary. Craig was able to take our cultural narrative, ideas and suggestions and come up with concept designs to represent our school. We are really pleased with what has become our school’s identifying symbol. The image in this post provides more detail about the various aspects of our logo.

Community Engagement Form

As discussed at our last community evening we are now taking expressions of interest from families in the Te Matauru community.

We are not yet able to start taking enrolments but we do want to connect with the community as we begin developing our vision, values and curriculum direction.

Please fill out this form link and we will be in touch with further information throughout the year!



Learning at Te Matauru

Learning at Te Matauru

At Te Matauru Primary we aim to link student growth and success to our whakatauki

“Ekea Ka Taumata Ki Te Uru”

“Look to the peaks of the alps and ascend to great heights”

To ensure that our children can reach their potential as described in our whakatauki, we are currently developing a curriculum framework and values overview so that our children can be the best they can be.

Te Matauru students need to develop skills, strategies and enhance positive characteristics to support their own development and become lifelong learners and global citizens. These skills strategies and characteristics are underpinned by the 7 Principles of Learning.

Over the next few blog posts we will talk more about the 7 Principles of Learning and how we see them underpinning our curriculum and values at Te Matauru Primary.

New name: Te Matauru Primary

New name: Te Matauru Primary

Rangiora’s new school has a fitting new name, replacing the interim name of Rangiora West School.

The new school’s establishment board of trustees approached local rūnanga Ngāi Tūāhuriri asking them to gift the school a name with significance..

Principal Danny Nicholls said he was grateful to Ngāi Tūāhuriri for their careful consideration, and he was thrilled with the name they came back with: Te Matauru, meaning the eye to the west.

The name is broken into mata (face or eye) and uru (west). Mata is also short for taumata, which means summit, top of hill or resting place.

The school is situated in west Rangiora, and when built will look out to the west. While the school site is near a Māori reserve, it was not a place of major settlement.

The rūnanga also gifted a vision statement to the school: Ekea Ka Taumata Ki Te Uru, meaning ‘look to the peaks of the alps and ascend to great heights’.

Nicholls said the establishment board had accepted the gifted name and the Ministry of Education has confirmed the school name would be named Te Matauru Primary.

The board is currently consulting with the community on the school’s zone, feedback on which is sought until the end of February.

Construction of the $13.2 million school, on the corner of Pentecost and Johns Rds, will begin in early 2019.

Funding for the school was announced by the Ministry of Education in 2013 as part of the Government’s $1 billion investment in education in the Greater Christchurch region.

The school will open at the start of 2020 for 350 pupils initially, with room to expand. No out-of-zone applications will be taken in the first year.

The design plans for the school, comprising an administration block and hall, and a total of 14 teaching spaces, are being reviewed by the design review team and the board is awaiting feedback.

Construction is expected to get under way as soon as the design is approved.

Principal Appointment: Welcome Danny Nicholls

Principal Appointment: Welcome Danny Nicholls

The Establishment Board of Trustees are very pleased to announce that Danny Nicholls has been appointed as the Foundation Principal for the new Rangiora West Primary School.

Danny will be locating to Rangiora from Taupo where he currently is working as a School Leadership Advisor in the Bay of Plenty. Prior to this he was the principal of St Patricks School in Taupo.

Danny trained at Canterbury University and his first teaching position was at St Theresa’s School in Riccarton. Following this he headed north and taught around the middle of the North Island. He won his first principalship in Taranaki and led a school in Taihape before moving to Taupo. He has been a principal for 12 years.

Danny has completed his Master’s in Educational Leadership and has been the National President of the Catholic Primary Principals’ Association. He is married and has three children. Danny will start in late January and will work with the Board to oversee the building of the school and the appointment of new staff.

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