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Enrolments and Zone Information
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Te Matauru Primary Zone
The Ministry of Education have confirmed the zone for Te Matauru Primary. If you have any queries regarding this please email these to Danny Nicholls (Principal) principal@tematauru.school.nz.

Please note Te Matauru Primary will not be accepting any out of zone enrolments for the 2020 school year.

Peter Simpson
Board Chair

Key Facts

Te Matauru Primary is taking enrolments for year 1 to 8 students.

  • The school is not taking any out of zone enrolments in 2020
  • Those in an area where enrolment schemes overlap will have a choice of school within those schemes to enrol at.


Our Board’s decision regarding 2021 out of zone enrolments was planned to be made in conjunction with a network review of all school zones in Rangiora. This review has been delayed. I have copied the statement below that was sent to all local schools regarding the reasons for this delay.
Until this review takes place we do not intend to offer out of zone places.
We encourage families who are in our zone and planning to enrol at Te Matauru Primary in 2021 to begin this process soon to enable effective forward planning and transitions to occur. Our zone boundaries are available on our school website.
For any related questions please contact me directly.
Statement from Ministry of Education:
“During the consultation for Te Matauru Primary’s enrolment scheme last year we discussed with schools that we would look at a full review of Rangiora state primary school zones early in 2020. The intent was to work with the four state primary schools located in Rangiora and amend the enrolment schemes to allow the four schools to have exclusive zone areas that catered for current and future growth.

Due to COVID-19 and the impact this has had we will be delaying this consultation until early 2021.”

Danny Nicholls

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Te Matauru School Addresses

Addresses on both sides of boundary roads are included unless specified otherwise. From the intersection of South Belt and Townshend Road;

  • East along both sides of South Belt to the “Green Street” greenway (98 South Belt)
  • North along the western side only of the “Green Street” greenway to Charles Street / Green Street intersection
  • North along the western side only of Green Street to Johns Road
  • West along the southern side only of Johns Road to Treffers Avenue
    • Including North along the western side only of Treffers Avenue to Parkhouse Drive, and addresses on Parkhouse Drive west of Treffers Avenue
  • West along both sides of Johns Road to West Belt
  • North along both sides of West Belt to address 58 West Belt
    • Including all addresses on Harrod Place and Janelle Place
  • North along the western side only of West Belt to High Street / Oxford Road
  • West along the southern side only of Oxford Road to Fairview Place
  • West along both sides of Oxford Road to Oakwood Drive
  • North along both sides of Oakwood Drive to Elm Drive
    • Including addresses on Sycamore Close
  • West along Elm Drive to Charles Upham Drive
    • including addresses on Valour Drive
  • North along Charles Upham Drive to Salisbury Avenue,
  • West along Salisbury Avenue to Chatsworth Avenue
    • including addresses on Stratford Way and Clarendon Place
  • West along Chatsworth Avenue to Lehmans Road
  • South along Lehmans Road to Fernside Road
    • including 255 Lehmans Road
  • South east along the north east side only of Fernside Road to Townsend Road
  • North along the western side only of Townsend Road to address 91 Townsend Road
  • North along both sides of the road from 104 Townsend Road to South Belt

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